How a Natural Remedy Helped Cure My Angular Cheilitis

Hello, my name is Andi Black….I invite you to explore my website and learn more about this most painful & embarrassing condition. Angular cheilitis is a very common bacterial infection in which cracks or “splits” occur at the corners of the mouth. Usually both corners of the mouth develop lesions that look a little like “paper cuts”. It is not a particularly contagious or life threatening condition, however it can certainly be a difficult condition to cure and also causes a lot of social embarrassment.

You Will Be Absolutely Amazed To See The Results! has recently uncovered an amazing and proven NEW way of dealing with this distressing affliction that millions of Americans suffer through every year. It comes in the form of a set of detailed instructions that can be downloaded over the Internet and read from your computer, tablet or smartphone as an ebook.

How Do You Get Angular Cheilitis?

Angular Cheilitis, also known as Perleche or Stomitis is an infection that is typically characterized by lesions at the corners of the mouth. Angular Cheilitis is essentially a fungal infection that lives on the skin and often flairs up during a cold snap.

The reason for this is telling, it seems the germs responsible for the growth of the fungal bacteria live on the lips on a permanent basis. It was this understanding that led to the solution to Angular Cheilitis that we offer now.

Many associate Angular Cheilitis with the flu or a flu like symptom however this is incorrect. The reason Angular Cheilitis is perceived as a flu like symptom is because of it’s propensity to flair up during winter or a cold snap. However, what is actually happening, is during a cold snap, we may forget to throw on an extra blanket on the bed. This means we may sleep through the night with our body at a colder temperature. This tends to suppress the immune system or “overload” it. Once the immune system is weakened, the bacteria that were being constantly held at bay, by the immune system, now get a chance to flair and this is what creates the familiar lesions in the corners of the mouth.

Many people with dentures develop Angular Cheilitis because the angular alignment of the false teeth may be ill fitting. This leads to the mouth closing further than it should, creating small folds of skin in the corners of the mouth. Typically these pockets of skin are damp with saliva which becomes the perfect environment for incubating fungal bacteria.

You may also develop Angular Cheilitis if you have had a sudden weight gain. The extra fat around your face may create that same skin fold environment.

I remember waking up one morning with the familiar soreness at the corners of my mouth and remembered immediately the treatment instructions. Even before my morning shower or breakfast, I immediately reached for the ingredients and performed the treatment thoroughly. I got instant relief from the rawness at the corners of my mouth and within a few hours the newly developing lesions were completely gone. I kept up the treatment 3 times a day for a week following that initial attack. I made sure I performed the treatment exactly as the instructions recommended. I must say, I have not had an attack since.

My own Angular Cheilitis was caused, I believe, not from misaligned teeth as many cases are, but I had gained some weight last year that I have found difficult to remove. The extra fat around my cheeks created those pockets of skin folds at the corners of my mouth. My goal is to remove that extra weight over the coming year, which should mean I will never have another attack again.

This treatment will allow you to control your Angular Cheilitis and this is a big step forward. You may need to go to a dentist to have your teeth properly aligned, or like myself you may need to lose the extra weight, however there is no reason at all why you should suffer the symptoms of Angular Cheilitis during that time.

This is an important point…

Angular Cheilitis generally has a cause. A reason why it develops in the first place. Removing that cause should typically mean you wont suffer any more attacks. However, until that time, you now have the power to rapidly arrest the fungal bacteria responsible for the lesions. This is a big step forward and I don’t think I know anyone who has suffered an Angular Cheilitis attack that would not do anything to get immediate relief from these symptoms.

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Having the power to control the symptoms in your own home or even from a bathroom at work, you can now permanently control the symptoms until you have resolved the cause of the Angular Cheilitis occurring in the first place.

1% Hydro Cortisone Cream

I recall before I learned about the Angular Cheilitis treatment instructions, going to several different doctors. 3 times over several months. I purchased the same prescription ointment re-branded in different ways. 1% hydro cortisone cream is a white greasy topical cream that does absolutely nothing to soothe nor address the lesions. Half the time I felt sick as it was hard not to eat the stuff, leaving it on my mouth.

It was useless in controlling the symptoms and 1% hydro cortisone cream is one of the most common ways a doctor will approach Angular Cheilitis.

Angular Cheilitis is embarrassing!

Complete strangers stare and make ignorant assumptions about you when you have the harsh redness and crusty sores at the corners of your mouth. It is socially quite embarrassing to go through the day with the inflamed redness. The lesions are quite painful but the embarrassment is the most frustrating thing about Angular Cheilitis. This on top of the duration of attacks.

Most people do nothing. Antibiotics may help but it depends on the strain of fungal bacteria you have and if the anti biotic prescribed is effective killing that particular strain of bacteria.

The worst part is waiting the ailment out. Attacks can last weeks and even months with some people living with the affliction on an almost permanent basis. Some susceptible people can wait the symptoms out for over 4 months or more and just when they think they are free of the lesions a new attack begins developing.

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Social life becomes affected

The lesions make it difficult to feel at ease around people. I know first hand that giving and receiving affection is something that is just not on your list of things to do. You simply don’t feel like kissing family members, knowing you have the lesions on your mouth.

My own attack lasted for over 4 months and went away on its own. But during those 4 months, kissing my boyfriend was out of the question. This really had an effect on our relationship, but there was no way I was going to risk infecting him nor did I even feel like kissing. I am certain he did not feel like being affectionate with me either and that is the price to pay when Angular Cheilitis flairs. Affection is one of the things we lose when suffering through an attack.

This Angular Cheilitis Natural Cure is a fast acting formula which will resolve your current outbreak. It will do it swiftly and painlessly. It is guaranteed to work for everyone. It is my opinion as someone who has used it first hand, that this treatment is the definitive answer to this particular affliction.

More and more, antibiotics are becoming futile against the ever developing bacterial infections and viruses that plague us. This fungal bacteria can be resolved, controlled and irradiated very quickly and efficiently using a few simple ingredients typically found in any bathroom or kitchen.

The treatment instructions work by isolating the bacteria and starving them of the required elements it uses to survive and thrive. This is obvious, as you watch after performing the treatment how quickly the infection subsides and the symptoms resolve themselves.

Fungal bacteria cannot live without moisture and that is what this treatment does. It suspends the microbes in a waterless environment on the lips. It is amazing and such a relief to see the lesions dry up and heal so quickly!

What would it mean to you, if you could finally get rid of this insidious affliction permanently by this cheilitis home remedy. Quality of life matters and living life without this type of drain on your feelings of well being and indeed on your very immune system matters.

As stated above, these bacteria are constantly being held at bay by a tireless immune system. This takes constant energy and drains the immune systems resources to protect your body from other threats too. When you help your body by killing the bacteria for it in a manual and direct way, it takes the work load off the immune system, giving you a rejuvenated feeling of strength and vitality.

Angular Cheilitis Free Forever